Rigging Services NYC

rigging services NYC


Lifting and moving heavy materials are crucial aspects of any construction project. For the safe transportation of these hefty materials and equipment, rigging equipment is indispensable. Whether in the industrial or residential sector, these services play a pivotal role in ensuring the secure and efficient completion of projects.

Keystone Scaffolding and Sidewalk Bridge stands out as the premier provider of rigging equipment rental in NYC. With over a decade of trust-building, we have become the go-to partner for various contractors. Our specialization lies in delivering top-notch rigging services tailored to diverse sectors, including construction and industrial domains. Be it heavy machinery or construction materials, we handle it all with expertise.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge, we streamline the transportation and installation of heavy items. Hence, effectively addressing the unique challenges posed by the dynamic environment of NYC. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in rigging services has made us a reliable partner for industries seeking safe and seamless solutions for their material and machinery handling needs.

Our Rigging Equipment Rental Services Offer the Following Equipment

At Keystone, we are equipped with an extensive range of rigging equipment. Thereby, providing you with rigging equipment capable of carrying and handling your desired load. These services include the following


Rigging Hooks and Shackles

Our hooks and shackles are loop-shaped steel that connects with chains, ropes, and wires. They provide a firm and stable grip to heavy loads while they hang in the air.


Wire Ropes

We have wire ropes sourced from the best quality manufacturers in the USA. Besides, our collection of ropes includes only those that are made in accordance with the OSHA rules. These ropes are widely used to lift heavy loads along with hooks, shackles, or swivels.


We source our wire ropes from the best-quality manufacturers in the USA. Furthermore, our collection comprises ropes manufactured in strict accordance with OSHA rules. These ropes are extensively utilized for lifting heavy loads in conjunction with hooks, shackles, or swivels.


Pulley and Blocks

If you want to lift very heavy loads on your own, a pulley and block system is what you need. We provide the best quality pulleys and blocks, ensuring the safe movement of your materials.



Our high-quality eye bolts serve as reliable lifting or securement points, acting as anchor points for various rigging, anchoring, and pulling purposes.



Our slings are versatile and lightweight equipment primarily used for lifting purposes. Additionally, the use of slings provides stability and balance to the lifted load, ensuring safety in rigging your equipment.



Turnbuckles play an important part in nearly all rigging services. Their main purpose is to equalize the load in the sling by increasing or decreasing tension.



Cranes are versatile equipment used in almost all rigging services. This is due to their ability to lift loads in both horizontal and vertical directions. Additionally, they are preferred for the stability and safety they provide.


Spreader Bars

We source spreader bars made from the most durable materials. These bars are invaluable when lifting heavy objects due to their ability to reduce the intensity of the load.

Benefits of Choosing Our Rigging Equipment Rental in the NYC

Having spent years in the industry, we have gained a keen understanding of the unique landscape in the NYC. This allows us to provide unparalleled services tailored to meet all your requirements, all without compromising on safety. The benefits accompanying our services include:

Safety Guaranteed

At Keystone, we strictly adhere to all safety protocols, ensuring the safety of all individuals involved in the project. In addition, the use of quality equipment also ensures complete safety for both workers and your materials.

Timely Services

Our team works meticulously to ensure the timely completion of your project. With the assistance of our skilled team, we provide prompt services and keep all the constraints in check, thereby ensuring the timely completion of your project.

Licensed Equipment

At Keystone, we have a team of licensed riggers laden with exceptional expertise in their trade. Whether the load is heavy, bulky, or challenging to move, we ensure the safe placement of all your equipment.

Customer Driven Approach

Our primary goal is to achieve client satisfaction. Through detailed discussions with our clients, we aim to understand all their requirements, ensuring the provision of services that live up to our clients’ expectations.

Skilled Rigging Crew

The strength of our company lies in our skilled and certified rigging crew. They are trained in the latest industry standards and safety protocols. Hence, executing each task with precision and commitment to the highest safety standards.


  • How does your company approach project planning and consultation?

    Our project planning and consultation process is a collaborative effort. We engage with you, understanding project goals, constraints, and expectations. This upfront investment ensures that our services are seamlessly integrated into your project timeline, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

  • What type of equipment does Keystone Scaffolding and Sidewalk Bridge utilize for rigging services?

    Our fleet comprises state-of-the-art equipment, meticulously maintained for optimal performance. From towering cranes to specialized rigging gear, we invest in cutting-edge tools to ensure that every lift, every move, and every aspect of your project is executed with precision and efficiency.

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