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Scaffolding Inspection Services NYC


Construction practices pose a great risk to pedestrian and workers’ safety, especially in places like NYC, where excessive pedestrian traffic and towering skyscrapers pose a significant construction challenge. Since scaffoldings play a pivotal role in majority of the construction projects, having access to services that ensure the safety of these temporary structures is indispensable

Keystone Scaffolding and Sidewalk Bridge is the leading provider of quality scaffolding inspection services in the NYC. With a track record full of successful past projects, the name Keystone has become synonymous with both quality and safety.

Thus, choosing the right inspection services, such as those offered by Keystone, not only guarantees safety but also contributes to the seamless execution of your project.

Why Safe Scaffoldings Inspection Matter in

Scaffoldings are a major requirement for all construction projects because of their ability to provide safe access to otherwise unreachable areas. However, proper inspection of these temporary structures is required periodically to ensure they meet the required safety criteria. The inspection must be done by someone with plenty of experience in the relevant field.

Choosing Keystones’ scaffolding inspection services in NYC provides you with a comprehensive safety analysis that includes.


Safety Compliance

Our safety compliance process includes the following checklist

Ensuring scaffolding distance from power lines

Ensuring proper use of mid rails, toe boards, and guard rails

Proper inspection of scaffolding materials.

Legal Compliance

Our scaffold inspection services ensure that all your scaffold structures are in compliance with NYC local codes and regulations. Hence, shielding you from any sort of legal obligations. Our inspection services ensure the following compliances

Compliance with General Administrative Provisions and Buildings Codes

Compliance with AC 28-101.4 construction code

Eliminating All Risks

With state-of-the-art tools and modern safety equipment, we provide complete assurance of mitigating all safety-related risks. Thereby, providing a safe and sound environment for your workers to do their job.

Checklist of Our Scaffolding Inspection Services

By providing a comprehensive checklist including inspection of every single component, we make sure to leave no stone unturned in the safety process. Our brief checklist includes the following components.


Base Evaluation

Our inspection process starts with a proper foundation checkup. By thorough inspection, we ensure the elimination of any pits, bumps, or excessive slope in the ground. Hence offering a sturdy base for load bearing.


Access Point Evaluation

We do a proper investigation of all the access points such as ladders, staircases, and ramps. Ensuring safe and easy access to these points and removing any obstruction that may block these paths.


Bolts and Fasteners

We work meticulously to ensure that all the bolts and fasteners are securely tightened, in order to prevent all damages that can be caused due to loose connections.


Fall Protection Measure

We ensure the utilization of proper fall protection measures when the height of the scaffolding exceeds the height of 6ft. This emphasis on fall protection measures is the key to maintaining a safe working environment and preventing potential accidents at elevated heights.


Proper Assessment of Platforms

We ensure that all platforms are constructed from stress-grade lumber or stainless-steel decks in the case of metals. Besides, we also verify that the length of the platform does not exceed 10 feet for light use, 8 feet for medium use, and 6 feet for lightweight use.


Load Bearing Capacity

We make sure to use the highest quality materials, capable of bearing large loads and ensuring the utmost safety of the workers. From galvanized steel bars to slip-resistant platforms, every component is tailored to ensure safety.


Placement of Tags

We place scaffolding tags in appropriate areas to ensure the safety of workers. These tags alarm the workers about the condition of the scaffolding they are working on. Mostly, we use three types of tags that includes:


Green tag: It indicates that the scaffolding area in use is safe to work on and to carry loads.


Yellow tags: It indicates that the area under consideration has been recently repaired to prevent any possible damage. Therefore, making the use of excess loads restricted.


Red tags: these indicate serious damage to the scaffold area and restrict workers from entering the indicated scaffold area

Our Range of Scaffolding Inspection Services

We provide a wide range of scaffolding services to cater to all types of construction and renovation projects. Whether they are small-scale or large-scale projects. These services include.


Pre-Use Inspection Services

We consistently conduct thorough inspections of all scaffold components before delivering them to the site. This ensures that the provided scaffolding is free from any damage. All of these inspections are carried out by a team of skilled experts.


Daily Inspection

For large-scale projects where large loads are used on scaffolding, daily inspection becomes indispensable to prevent any serious accident. Our comprehensive services include the best daily inspection services. Therefore, completely ensuring the safety of the erected structures.


Weekly Inspection Services

Our weekly inspection services are designed for a thorough investigation of all the scaffolding components. Therefore, allowing you to pinpoint the components with the most wear and tear and averting any potential catastrophe.


Inspection after Any Calamity or Accident

In case, if any damage occurs at the scaffolding site, or there is an adverse weather condition. The scaffold structure needs proper inspection.

Get An Estimate

If you share concerns about the safety of your scaffolding, our scaffold inspection services provide the solution you need.


With thorough inspection of each and every single component, we make sure to provide safety to all your workers and people associated with the project. Hence, providing a safe working environment free from all sorts of hazards.


Contact us via email, or phone, or visit our office. Our experts are ready to help you with all your needs.

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